Sukkot on the Roof

10"x20", terracotta, oxides, underglaze, 2015


Sukkot is one of the most important Jewish Holidays and Sukkah is a temporary dwelling to celebrate it. Usually I put my sukkah on a driveway and enjoy my favorite Holiday, Sukkot. The year of 5775 was different, I installed the sukkah on my roof deck and my elevation took a new level. Even if I’m in a sukkah at the driveway level I feel inspired. Imagine what I feel being in my sukkah in a roof! I was like in I’m in a cloud; the things subjected to gravity are all behind or below. I do not know if someone is familiar with that feeling. So, I am and this terracotta piece is a representation of my Sukkot. The Hebrew words are from Psalm 27. David said “…He will conceal me in the hidden places of his tent; …”. In this context a “tent” is a sukkah.