Skokie, IL USA 



I was born in Russia, in the vicinity of Moscow almost 60 years ago. From the age of four, I was involved in art, particularly in sculpture. For several years I was making lots of animal and human sculptures using modeling clay.

After high school, there was Moscow Civil Engineer Institute and a couple of years of military service in the Soviet Army. Then I was working as a structural engineer in several architectural and engineering companies.

In 1996, my family and I immigrated to the United States. By that time, I was a father of two boys - 12 years old Greg and newborn Sasha. We lived in Atlanta, Georgia where I worked as a designer for an engineering company. In 2001, I found an engineering position in the Chicago area. We moved there and settled in Skokie.

In the summer of 2002, I found Evanston Art Center and enrolled in Sheila Ottinger’s class of figurative sculpture. I was missing sculpting my whole life and it was just the right place for me. From that time to the present, I am frequently in the sculpture studio in EAC.
I do primarly realistic sculptures - I love portraits and enjoying the beauty of the human body as well. Sometimes my enjoyment takes me further, and my realistic line transforms into a new way. 

Summer of 2006, I was working as facilitator (sculpture class) with special needs children at Little City Foundation. At the fall I started to work with adult artists and it was a beginning of sculpture studio in campus. I have interesting experience working with seniors at Presbyterian Homes (Evanstone) and at North Shore Senior Center (Northfield). I love clay and I feel it as my main medium, so my private sculpture class is “Clay Class” for children and adults.